Most people (spiritual and non-spiritual) go through their lives without knowing about Chakras. Others look at them skeptically, thinking that such notions are meant for the mystics. It is absolutely not essential to have any knowledge or belief in the Chakras to receive the benefits of Deep Relaxation or to have a wonderful meditation session. However, during a meditation or deep relaxation session, it is the Energy Body that aligns itself and the Chakras move in the direction of balance and therefore you emerge feeling wonderful. In fact any quiet, soothing practice such as meditation, music, painting, gardening actually works on the Energy Body and the Chakras, whether we choose to focus on them or not.

At Y2LStudio, we focus explicitly on the Chakras. When we focus on a Chakra in a peaceful, relaxed way, we are directly and gently nudging it towards balance and harmony. When we go about something in a direct, explicit manner, our focus gets sharper, the process becomes clearer and more effective. At Y2LStudio, we have created an ambiance with a Chakra background and conduct Chakra Balancing meditations and practices regularly. The intention is that the concepts of Chakras and Chakra Balancing stay in the back of your mind as go through the session.Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

Huge painting highlighting Chakras

Illuminated Chakras

Matrix of individual Chakras

NOTE :-Sometimes individuals get obsessed with Chakras and think that if they can simply 'fix' a Chakra or two, all their problems will be solved. This is nothing but wishful thinking. There are no shortcuts in life. "Fixing a Chakra" (if there is such a thing) requires a true change of heart and attitude so that your thought patterns change in the positive direction and this change then "fixes" the Chakra.At Y2LStudio, we regularly conduct Chakra Balancing meditations and practices so that after each session you gently move into a healthier mind space and Higher Vibration. When this happens on a regular basis, it brings about a gradual change in attitude and this results in balanced functioning of the Chakras and the individual.


Also Note :-At Y2LStudio, we do not encourage diagnosing or treating a specific Chakra. The Energy Body and the Chakras are tightly interlinked and the safest and fastest way to health is to simply bring all the Chakras into balance on a regular basis. It can be dangerous or simply a waste of time to try to speed up or slow down a particular Chakra. Instead, we rely on the innate intelligence of the body to absorb energies and release toxins as needed. During the session, we simply provide the opportunity and the attention needed for the entire body to balance and align itself.


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