The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning wheel or disc. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy located in the Energy Body. As they spin, they are constantly taking in and putting out energy into the environment. They can be likened to Energy Hubs that govern the collection and distribution of energy, within a complicated energy network.The human body has seven major Chakras and numerous minor ones. The seven Chakras are described as spinning vortices aligned along the spine.

Each Chakra is said to rotate at a particular frequency which gives it its specific colour. The higher Chakras of the head and chest region have higher frequency colours and the lower ones rotate at lower frequencies and have denser colours. There are many descriptions of Chakras in various disciplines, including Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, Reiki and even in Gnostic teachings.

Energy work of any kind is impossible without consciously or unconsciously working on the Chakras.

Chakras in daily life

A tangible experience of Chakras is our daily life is when we get a feeling of dynamism from someone or a sense of nervousness or sly-ness from another person. Dynamism comes having a strong and powerful 3rd Chakra whereas a weak and closed 3rd Chakra can lead to low self esteem and feeling of powerlessness.

Our Energy work is constantly sensing this information and it gets trickled into our conscious minds through words such as dynamic or powerless.


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