Thought Patterns are like the Annual Rings of a tree. Childhood incidents and environments shape our thought patterns and they get ingrained into our minds for the rest of our lives. As we learn to navigate the external world, we become set in our ways of thinking and it is very difficult to break out of a particular way of looking at things or perceiving a situation. Modern life ensures that we are always caught in the rat race of more and more, putting ourselves ahead of others at any cost and constantly comparing and showing off.
This results in us operating from a space of fear, greed, anxiety, domination and scarcity.

Our subconscious thought patterns get set in 'Lower Vibration' ways of "If you do not dominate others, they will dominate you OR If you are not the best and smartest person around, you are no one." While we may not think these things consciously, scarcity is the basis of how we operate in the world today.

When ingrained and acted on a continuous basis, it results in causing an imbalance in our Chakras, and this further distorts our thought patterns. Chakras and Energy Body are ever changing and different people have different imbalances at different times of the day, at different stages in their lives and so on.

Deep Relaxation and Thought Patterns

As we emerge from a wonderful session of yoga, meditation or deep sleep, we experience being in a Higher Vibration that results from the Chakras being in balance. However, as soon as we step into the outside world, we return to our habitual thought patterns, which slowly results in Chakra imbalance and we move into the Lower Vibration mode of being irritable, angry, depressed and afraid.

The goal of Deep Relaxation is to bring your Chakras back to balance, again and again and again, on a regular basis, such that you start being in the Higher Vibration more and more and this loosens up your ingrained thought patterns. You break out of your habitual thought patterns and start looking at the world and situations in a different and productive way. At least, initially, it is very important to practice Deep Relaxation Therapy on a regular and frequent basis!

The only way to know if it works is to experience it yourself!


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