In the Eastern philosophies there is a common belief that surrounding every physical body, there is an Energy Body which is not visible to the naked eye. This Energy Body is referred to by different names in different cultures such as the subtle body, the aura, the HEF (Human Energy Field), etc.

Some people claim that they can see this body and describe it in various levels of detail such as the different layers, the vibrant colors, the different energy centers and chords running in and out of the bodies and connecting people.

Our Energy Bodies are composed of our thoughts, feelings and emotions;extremely fine, subtle and complex things that we cannot grasp with our technology, yet.

Working with the Energy Body

Pranayama, chanting, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi etc are all techniques that work on the Energy Body in a major way. Most of the ancient Yoga texts mainly describe the effects of yoga on the Energy Body rather than the physical body.

When the Energy Body is calm, centred and balanced, you experience the same calm, centeredness and balance in your physical body as well.

Energy Body in daily life

For the lay person, an experience of Energy Body is palpable when they get a genuine smile from a person across them and that brightens the moment or when they see or hear the voice of a loved one and they immediately know if he/she is tired, sad or excited.

Our Energy Bodies are constantly changing and interacting with each other and yet we are completely unaware of them.

Non verbal communication, intuition, telepathy, distance viewing etc are phenomenon that can be explained on the basis of the theory of the Energy Body.

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