There has been a feeling of synchronizing within.
Have felt some doors/ windows/ depths opening within during the sessions.
Apart from that though physically have been unwell (viral infection), there has been no loss of mental energy, also physically have been able to get through the daily routines easily. Have felt a sense of balance at the core, deeper clarity, also been looking at secret issues which I had covered up within. There has been a feeling of wanting to completely get rid of unwanted things and situations in life. The sessions have definitely helped to center myself within me. Also been thinking I can go deeper and deeper within.

- Rashmi, artist

These sessions have helped a lot. I feel more calm and at peace with myself than I used to before. My ability to focus has also improved. The unwanted stress and tension is also released. I can sleep well now. I can handle situations and can control my temper more easily and peacefully.I feel more positive and at peace with myself. THANK YOU!!!

- Shefali, College Student

Thank you first for your sincerity and concern. Yes, I have felt the changes within me in a span of 20 days. It is gradual change in the state of mind. I am feeling more positive and happy. There is a kind of clarity in mind which helps me deal with situations around.
Not to be biased, so I asked my family - do they feel any change in me over last few weeks? They say I am waking up pretty early these days and got regular with my exercise too!!. This though sounds very basic, is very important for my well being.
I wish you all the very best for your further sessions and may you bring happiness to many more people.

- Deepti, Entrepreneur

To say I've been attending your "Meditation Classes" for about a year seems a pretty long time. :) Receiving your text sms - "See you all at 7 pm for Chakra Meditation, Body - Scan Meditation, Crystal Meditation, Aura Scanning and Clearing Meditation, Chanting Meditation, Healing Heart Meditation, Buddhist Zen Meditation, Omkar Meditation etc." would bring a smile to my face.tThrough all of those meditations, it has been an inherently experiential journey.
Adapting the right posture, followed with a couple of stretches, then certain breathing techniques and finally the Meditation form have only helped me further in relaxing and focusing.
Being relaxed yet alert, then becoming aware of the entire body and the vanity of sensations within it, focusing on each part of the body, and slowly cultivating a perception as to what is ocurring there - has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery!
Through your simple and practical guidance every session of Mindful Meditation has been very fulfilling. I slowly started to understand "the power of now", "being in the present moment" and these sessions have helped me emerge with a little more clarity, sensitivity and calmness.
As a teacher you have offered more than just instruction in technique and form, but have served as a spiritual friend!
I look forward to attending more of these sessions as you have already sowed the seeds of transformation.
"Thank you for your support and guidance!"

- Nandini, School teacher and mom to 2 teenagers!

While I was not meditating I didnt know any better (was normal or BAU)
When I started meditating regularly, I reached a new normal (in terms of health, quiet mind, better sleep and relationships). Soon this became the way of can feel the difference if you observe.
But I became aware of the benefits of regular meditation only when I became irregular I was going back to my old self, which I could observe again
Its then that I joined Shibani's class, primarily to help me get regular with my practice and also to learn from her about different forms of meditation and relaxation.
I have to admit that the class has made a tremendous difference to my day to day life, of which the most significant difference is my stress levels (worrying about all the thoughts that go on in my head). I am more comfortably able to just let them be. I was always a "keeping doing things and all and many things" kind of guy, sometimes drilling deep down into details and also staying there until it became counterproductive. Of late I have observed that I am able to rise quickly from the trenches, see the big picture and focus on the more critical tasks at hand.
My conclusion is that to get benefits of meditation, you simply have to be REGULAR at the PRACTICE with the ONY PURPOSE of RELAXATION. The benefits follow automatically...simply observe them

- Sunil , IT Professional