Ten 1-hr Sessions on ten alternate days

Time :By Appointment

One on one or maximum 2 members

Get in touch with yourself with our Ten Day Deep Relaxation Course. The Ten Day course is recommended for those who want to experience deeper states of meditation and also for those who are going through a period of transition, confusion, dilemma, stress and negativity.

The Ten Day Course is a gradual cleansing of the negativity in your mental field. We use crystals and crystal grids of varying strengths to slowly take you deeper within yourself. When our mental field/ Energy Body gets cleansed, the inner voice shines through. You may emerge with an Insight or a new found Clarity.

The best part is that this course relies on the innate intelligence of the body to absorb only those energies that it needs and release negativity at a safe pace. The Ten Day Course is a must for those interested in getting in touch with their Inner Guidance and exploring deeper states of being.

The Ten Day Course is ideal for those who are dealing with change, confusion or negativity. It offers gradual and deep cleansing of negativity and helps your inner wisdom to shine through. While your circumstances remain the same, your attitude and reactions change in a positive way.


Crystallization - Experiences of those who undergone Deep Relaxation


  • Deep Cleansing of the Mental Field/ Aura
  • Clarity of thought, Purpose and Direction in Life
  • True Acceptance of Reality, Contentment -All is Well!
  • Build Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Release deep seated Negativity in a slow, safe manner
  • Better Interpersonal Relationships
  • Helps with chronic diseases - ability to tolerate pain


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