Sound has a monumental effect on the mind. As per the science of Yoga, the material of sound is the closest thing to the material of the mind. Hence sound can influence the mind in a big way.

Sound reaches deep into our psyche where words and thoughts are not even formed. Sound has the potential to affect and change our subconscious. In Yoga, the science of sound and chanting is a complete discipline in itself. Chanting is considered to be one of the most important tools for spiritual growth. Science too is now discovering the vibrational and healing qualities of sound.

At Y2LStudio, we focus on chanting in a big way. In today's noisy and fast paced life, chanting is a quick and easy technique to drown out the external noise and take us deep within ourselves. From our experience, we can say that repeated chanting of ancient mantras such as Om, Om Namah Shivay, Hari Om etc. take you deep inside those spaces where there are no words and thoughts. A dedicated 20 minute chanting session is enough to take you to a peaceful, meditative mind frame.

Different sounds affect our minds in different ways. E.g. sounds of birds chirping in the morning, sound of the wind rustling in the trees, sound of a river flowing softly, sound of thunder, the sound of soothing music, catchy music with fast beats - all affect us in different ways. The ancient mantras given to us by our Rishis affect us in such powerful ways that their effect cannot be put into words. Repeated chanting of these mantras has the power to clear our subconscious mind of negative thought patterns and attitudes.

Benefits of Chanting

  • We let go of our worries and tensions for a period of time.
  • Repeated chanting regulates our breathing. Breathing slows down.
  • Good exercise for lungs.
  • Releases negativity, frustration, stress.
  • Clears the slate. A dedicated 20 min chanting session will leave you in a clear, peaceful state.
  • Mantras and their sounds enter our psyches and bodies to do the job of healing.

Here we explain the technique of mantra chanting in detail.

Scientific Findings-Vibrations of Sound

Cymatics is the study of visualization of Sound.
When we throw a stone into a pond, the force with which we throw the stone creates patterns of concentric circles called ripples in the water. In a similar way, Cymatics is the science of translating the effect of sound on matter into patterns that can be observed.
More on cymatics -

Chladni Experiment

Ernst Chladni, an 18th century German scientist and musician conducted experiments to show the effect of sound on a flat metal plate. His experiment involves running a bow of violin along the edge of the plate. The surface of the plate is lightly covered with grains of sand. As the bow moves up and down, it produces resonant vibrations in the plate. Almost, miraculously, one can see the sand moving into beautiful, symmetric, geometric patterns as the vibrations of the metal plate reach resonant frequency. Amazingly, the patterns become more complex as the frequency increases.

Modern Version

Modern version of the experiment involves using a tone generator to generate tones of any frequency which are fed to the metal plate via a speaker. As the frequency of the tone varies, different patterns emerge in the sand.

Here is a video of the complex patterns that emerge at higher frequencies.

Images of 12 Piano Notes on the surface of water using the CymaScope-a highly sophisticated scientific instrument that imprints sonic vibrations on the surface of water. Images are captured with an HD camera.

To find more about Cymascope and this experiment, click here.

Cymatics and Chanting
The science of Cymatics even though in its early stages points to a very interesting truth -Sound affects matter.
Chanting takes on a completely new meaning in the light of this truth. As can be seen in Chladni's Experiments, chanting or listening to ancient chants or soothing music actually has a physical effect on the patterns of our energy body. It is possible that chanting or soothing music creates beautiful, complex, geometric patterns in our Chakras and Energy Body that we are unable to see with our eyes. This is probably the reason music or chanting soothes us.

Effect of music on plant growth

Multiple experiments have been conducted to show that when plants are exposed to soothing, classical music they flourish and grow uniformly and when exposed to chaotic, rock music they showed stunted growth and eventually died.

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