w Group Meditation Center in Aundh, Meditation Center in Baner

1-Hr Sessions, Twice a Week

A mix of Stretching, Pranayama, Breath Work, Relaxation Techniques, Chanting, Meditation and Positivity Practices.

Time :Wednesdays - 6:15 am to 7:15 am; Saturdays - 7 am to 8:15 am Batch of 4-6 members

This class has been designed with the intentions of cleansing the mental field and introducing positivity into your life.

A "Meditation center in aundh" Session includes Prana Dharana, Stretching, Pranayama,Chanting and Dhyana. Each stage takes you progressively deeper until you arrive at Dhyana a magical, single pointed state of mind where simply the chant echoes in total silence. Even when this state occurs for a short period, the entire mental field Energy Body gets completely recharged. With time and practice one is able to maintain this state for longer duration.

Sessions include Chakra Meditation, Meditation on the Five Elements, Chanting of Powerful Mantras, Candle Gazing and Body Scanning. For details on these meditation center in baner,click here to know techniques.

A mandatory requirement for signing up for this class is committing to attend regularly!

This class is ideal for those who have some exposure to meditation and are looking for ways to deepen/regularize their practice.


  • Increases Patience, Positivity, and Stamina
  • Increases Concentration and Attention Span
  • Reduces Anxiety, Fear, Anger
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Helps with Chronic Diseases ability to tolerate Pain


Member Comments

  • While I was not meditating I didnt know any better (was normal or BAU) When I started meditating regularly, I reached a new normal (in terms of health, quiet mind, better sleep and relationships). Soon this became the way of life...you can feel the difference if you observe.more.....

  • To say I've been attending your "Meditation Classes" for about a year seems a pretty long time. :) more.....

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