What is distance healing? How does it work?

Reiki teaches techniques that help us to connect to the energy body of someone who is not physically present with us at the time.

We are always energetically connected with people with whom we have an emotional / mental bond regardless of whether they are physically present with us or not. Sometimes we experience this connection spontaneously for e.g. knowing what the other person is thinking without them telling us or knowing something before it happens or feeling uplifted merely by the presence of another person or we are simply thinking about someone and they immediately call us. All these experiences are phenomenon related to the spontaneous connection of energy body. Reiki gives us techniques to connect to another person's energy in a methodical way.

Emotional connections are beyond space and time; you may feel very close to someone who is far away or to someone whom you met for a really short time and at the same time you may feel totally distant from those who are next to you or from those whom you've known for years. Thus Reiki does not require the person to be physically present to send healing energy.

Distance Healing and Energy body

Can I get distance healing done for myself or someone close to me?

Yes. We offer distance healing therapy for anyone that wants it. This is not free - there is a charge involved. We need some details about the person to be healed - name, age and photo and the reason for healing. Details have to be discussed over phone or in person

What can be healed via distance healing?

Anything that can be healed by touch healing, can be healed via distance healing as well. Every case and every result is unique and we cannot generalize or give any guarantee of the result. Typically, we have seen that people become calmer, relationships become smoother - bitterness reduces, kids become receptive to parents, patient's body responds better to medical treatment and many more such similar situations where an energetic push helped them to get to a healthier place without unnecessary struggle.

We do get questions such as "Will Reiki healing help me to get a job or get married or get a visa?" etc. Or "Will Reiki be able to influence my loved one to make what I think is the right decision?" For all such situations we have only one answer - Reiki cannot change the course of your destiny.

Reiki can only help you get to it in a much smoother way. For eg. if marriage is not on the cards for you and if you are feeling desperate to get married, Reiki helps you to calm down and become more accepting of the situation and eventually become peaceful with your single life and choices, Or if you are looking for a job, Reiki helps you find the most appropriate job in the first or second try, rather going through the stress of multiple interviews, rejection, confusion etc.

Most of our struggles arise from the fact that we have pre-determined ideas about how our life should be. And if things do not go as per our expectations, we struggle. We find it hard to accept the situation, we become fixated on what is lacking, we find faults and blame others and ourselves, we become stuck and we are unable to see the hidden blessings in the current conditions.

Reiki helps us to become more flexible and release this non acceptance. Once we accept the situation or the person whole heartedly, they become "ours", we are able to see the good parts, we become "unstuck" and move forward.

Who should sign up for distance healing?

If you are able to avail of touch healing, you should always opt for touch healing as human touch is inherently soothing. However, if you are unable to go for touch healing because of time / distance / health constraints you can sign up for distance healing.

It is also possible to ask for distance healing for a loved one who is going through a tough time. We have had many cases where distance healing has helped the client to heal, reduce pain, respond more effectively to medicines, calm down, open up and become positive.

What result can I expect?

As explained, Reiki aligns you with what is most appropriate for you at that point. Thus results are unpredictable and differ from case to case.

After receiving Reiki, generally, one feels calmer, peaceful, relaxed, emotionally stable, less confused and clearer in the head. We have also seen that body pain reduces, sleep improves, health improves and patient starts responding better to medicines.

Most people start noticing changes within 3-4 days of therapy.