The Yes 2 Life! Studio is meant to be an Urban Ashram offering a relaxing, soothing space to the busy and confused urban individual and Deep Relaxation provides the passage to that space.

The goal of Deep Relaxation is to consciously activate the Relaxation Response of the body using pranayama,chanting, meditation and crystals. We use Pranayama,Chanting, Reiki and Crystals that cleanse and charge your aura and take you into the Alpha brainwave state quickly. Alpha waves are relaxing brain waves that occur at the beginning of meditation or just when you are falling asleep or waking up. They make you calmer, relaxed, slow down the heart rate and increase learning speed and memorization. Your breathing slows down, your mind becomes calm, blood pressure gets lowered and the body continues to enjoy a state of deep rest for period of 40-60 minutes.

After the session, members feel refreshed and relaxed-as if they have woken up from deep sleep.

These sessions are completely different from any kind of psychotherapy sessions. There is no talking, no analyzing or explaining - simply lying down and letting the crystals and Reiki work their way around your Energy Body. There are no mystical experiences, no miracles or any esoteric rituals - there is simply a sensation of energy, a feeling of relaxation and the gentle activation of the inner wisdom.

The effect of this practice lasts throughout the day, providing you a balanced and calm temperament so that your day becomes focused and productive. If practiced on a regular basis, Deep Relaxation brings about a sense of ease and clarity to life and you are able to focus on your goals and move ahead without getting lost in the many inconsequential distractions of daily living.

When practiced on a regular basis (2-3 times/ week) for a period of time (1-2 months), you enjoy immense benefits such as dramatic increase in your focus, concentration, energy levels, satisfaction and patience.


Relaxation Response vs Stress Response

Relaxation Response is the natural state of the body when a person is fully relaxed and blood pressure, heart rate, digestive functioning and hormonal levels are in their normal state. Relaxation Response is the exact opposite of Fight or Flight Response.

The Fight or Flight Response or Stress Response is a survival mechanism that has evolved from our days in the forest.

When faced with a threat, our bodies release hormones to increase heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, metabolic rate and blood flow to the muscles so that we can fight the threat or run.

For more info on the physiology of stress response:

Today, we automatically shift into the Stress Response mode in everyday stressful situations such as getting caught in traffic, confrontation with the boss or an upcoming deadline.

However, the body is also equipped with an opposite type of response called as the Relaxation Response-the ability to rest, heal and rejuvenate our bodies. Today, the Relaxation Response is definitely more important to our survival, since stress constantly triggers the Fight or Flight Response in us. Our minds need not race as they usually do but can become focused and calm. When the mind is focused, the body responds with a dramatic decrease in heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and metabolic rate. This is the Relaxation Response. For more info on Relaxation Response:

Moments of Relaxation Response

  • After a wonderful session of mindful yoga or meditation
  • Sweet pain after exercise
  • Feeling refreshed after sound sleep
  • Feeling of satiation after a big meal in a loving setting of family and friends
  • Stepping into a natural setting such as the sea shore or the mountains

Benefits of Relaxation Response

  • Physiological-Positive effects on health
  • Regular cycles of Digestion, Immunity, Reproduction
  • Reduce harmful effects of constant Fight or Flight Response
  • Ability to control overreactions
  • Focus, clarity of thought

How can you consciously activate Relaxation Response?

By collecting the scattered, racing mind and gently focussing it on the present moment for an extended period of time. This happens automatically when you get fully engrossed in activities such as painting, dancing, singing or any other creative pursuits and also during mindful exercise such as yoga, tai chi and during meditation.

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