The goal of Deep Relaxation is to bring about a balance in the functioning of the Chakras of the body. We use crystals and chanting to influence the Chakras and the Five Elements of the body. For e.g. we place the Earth stone of Jasper over your 1st Chakra for a period of 20+ minutes. In that time, the subtle vibrations of Earth element of the stone have an effect on the Earth element in your body which results in balancing of the 1st Chakra.

We believe that each of us is blessed with incredible internal technology for self-healing. In Deep Relaxation, we simply help you to connect deeply with yourself so that the body can activate this innate intelligence. TheEnergy Body interacts the crystals synchronizing its vibrations with those of the crystals.

Balanced Chakras produce feelings of freshness, vitality, contentment and peace-what we call being in "Higher Vibration".

Most people feel as if they are in a trance or in a very deep, tranquil place as they lie down with the crystals for a period of time. The goal of Deep Relaxation is to get lots of people to experience feeling of being in and operating from a 'Higher Vibration' on a regular basis.



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