Crystals are hard, solid substances found in nature. Most crystals that we use for Deep Relaxation have been formed deep inside the Earth. They have been formed from lava and molten minerals and therefore have different colours and opacities.

Why do we use crystals?

The human body is made of the same five elements that the crystals are made of viz. Space, Air, Fire (lava), Water and Earth. By composition, the body is seventy-two percent water, twelve percent earth, six percent air, four percent fire, and the remaining six percent space. Different crystals have one or more of these elements occurring in differing proportions. In Deep Relaxation we use crystals to balance each of these elements in your body.

Crystals that are used for Deep Relaxation

The Five Elements in daily life

Ever noticed how some people are quick to get angry, while some others seem to have a great amount of lethargy in their lives and yet some others are restless; always on the go?

All characteristics of the personality can be broken down into the interplay of various elements of the body.

E.g. frequent quick temper can be attributed to excess Fire, lethargy to imbalanced Earth and restlessness to the unrestricted Air element.

More information on the five elements can be found here.

Deep Relaxation and Crystals

The goal of the Deep Relaxation is not to diagnose which element is in excess or deficit but simply to balance each of the elements.

When the elements are in balance, you experience a sense of ease and calm, like you do when you step into a natural surrounding such as a beach or the mountains.

In the course of Deep Relaxation the corresponding element of the crystal acts on the corresponding element of your body, bringing it into balance. For e.g. the fire element in the yellow crystal of Citrine balances the fire element of your body and this translates into healthy metabolism and temper control.

The sense of peace and relaxation after the session is a direct outcome of the balancing of the five elements of your body.


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