verb | crys·tal·lize | \ˈkris-tə-ˌlīz\

: to change into a solid form of crystals from a liquid solution

: to cause (something, such as an idea, belief, etc.) to become clear and fully formed

Client Experiences of Four Day Deep Relaxation

I came across yes2life portal accidentally on FB, the quotes inspired me and one day saw an update on the four day deep Relaxation. It quite intrigued me.
During my first interaction with Shibani ; felt a kind of ease . The ambience in the studio was so very calming .

It was exploratory for me as I had not gone there with an intention, so when she asked me I had to rake my thoughts as to what my intention was. But as we explored together , the intent firmed up.

One of the Major results for me with this Meditation was the lucidity in my breathing which used to be very short and difficult for me.

The crystal therapy followed by was very relaxing. It felt like beintg in a spa for mind. A kind of calmness prevailed all day through.I would recommend this experience and wish to continue with this . Shibani takes you through this journey very deftly and is a soulful person to interact with .
Thanks Shibani for introducing me to this wonderful state of mind.


-An HR Exec at India's biggest consulting firm.
My experience with the deep relaxation 4 day session:
In the first two sessions I went into deep sleep during the crystal therapy and in the last two I went onto a meditative state. My emotional state however was extremely irritable, I was crying at almost anything and felt really weak emotionally. The last day was better I felt more normal.

-An Art Student

** This is a classic example of negativity/ blocked energy getting released. Client has been suffering from inability to manage emotions for a really long period. If she had continued her sessions, as recommended, she would have definitely benefited.

By nature I am a very cool headed person and do not get ruffled easily. I am attracted to meditation and spirituality and therefore tried out the Four Day Deep Relaxation at Yes 2 Life! Studio. It was an interesting experience, I observed some changes in myself. After the first two sessions I experienced an increase in acidity and irritation - which is unusual for me. Each session would take me into a trance like state - something between wakefulness and deep deep sleep. I experienced an increase in my energy levels and also increase in focus during that period.The program also gave me clarity and impetus that I need to have a regular meditation practice and I have started taking efforts for that.Overall, it has been a different and positive experience. Thank you!

-An IT Executive

** People who are calm and unruffled sometimes have a tendency to bury their irritation or anxiety. Here we see some release of that energy. As the blocked energy is released you have more energy and focus available to you.

After attending the 4 days deep relaxation crystal healing, I've felt more relaxed, focused and balanced. I'm happier and stronger.

-A Writer

** After the third session she experienced unexpected change, letting go and openness in her 22 years of marriage
Often times, it is the little things that matter. Having been a short-tempered person most of my life, about 8 years of yoga has calmed me down and brought about some peace from within. That's not to say the bliss is permanent, hardly anything ever is.

My crystal meditation sessions (4) with you have brought about subtle changes that I hadn't seen coming. Not without diligent work on them anyway. From about the third session I noticed that my patience towards smaller things has increased.

While patience with bigger issues of life has been increasing with age and constant perseverance, I hadn't seen the change in attitude towards smaller things coming. It is one of those things you tend to put at the end of your priority list, if at all. But, I wonder now if it was more important than I thought because of that space which is now vacant for more productive (and positive!) thoughts.

Thank you!

-A Blogger and a Movie Reviewer

Dear Madam,


Before joining your sessions , I was highly stressed out , anxious and also had gone under depression because of my boss ,she was rather still she is torturing me a lot . Due to this I was always thinking negatively, feel always bad about life. The meditations helped me but only temporarily. Meanwhile I met you and came to know about the effectiveness of Crystal Reki .

I st session Experience :

Though initially I was a bit apprehensive about its effectiveness, after a time I realized the benefits from Ist session itself .I got new insight into my problems. This insight guided me towards the solution. I think it was a foundation stone of my insight.

II nd session Experience:

Before starting second session the condition of mind was more peaceful than ist session. As told by Shibani madam the main aim of Reki is healing of emotional gaps . Due to my first session I was in a better mental and emotional state in second session. Now I become aware about my emotions and even my attentiveness improved significantly.

III rd session Experience:

During the third session I was experiencing a very positive and stable mental state as I had experience during my vipashanna session ( done about 7years earlier ).This session helped me in accepting situations as they are , without giving reactions and making complaint.

IVth session Experience:

Though at the starting of this session I was having little headache, but as the session progressed I become much more relaxed. The session helped me to understand my mind , how it was working and now how it have to work. The crystal reki helped me to understand my problems , change what I can change and accept what I cannot change.

Now after one week I am experiencing balanced life with out tension . I am facing same situation as I was facing before in my office but the attitude towards it is really have changed. The crystal reki helped me to understand my problems, change what I can change and accept what I cannot change.

Thank you madam for your guidance and help.


- A Government Officer

** She is a highly capable and conscientious government official who was/ is being harassed by an unscrupulous superior. She has described her experience in wonderful detail.

Overall the experience was good.I did feel the calmness and peace. Number of thoughts became less and vicious circle of negative thoughts reduced. I think this may give clarity of thoughts. I think I must continue daily meditation to sustain this state.


** The client had buried her emotions related to incidents that had occurred 10-15 years ago. During the therapy she felt a force pulling something out of her aura in the water chakra region and she was taken to memories of those incidents. A lot of cleansing and purging occurred.

Not used to writing about experiences.But yes I genuinely like your sessions. The combination of meditative practice followed by the crystal therapy was very relaxing. It felt like being in a spa for mind and body, both. I felt at peace later, more in control and aware of my thoughts coming and going during rest of the day. After your session I realized that I need do some guided meditation regularly. Enjoyed the different feelings. Once when I saw that white light and once when u gave reiki and I felt that trembling in my forehead. Thanks again Shibani.

- Yoga Teacher
** Client has been going through a recovery period for an injury. She mentioned that as she was looking at her reflection in the mirror, she suddenly realized that all this while she has been impatient with the slowness of her recovery and that was the cause for a lot of frustration in her life. In 3 sessions, her attitude towards her body had changed and she was much kinder and accepting of herself, giving herself the time needed to heal.

There has been a feeling of synchronizing within.
Have felt some doors/ windows/ depths opening within during the sessions.
Apart from that though physically have been unwell (viral infection), there has been no loss of mental energy, also physically have been able to get through the daily routines easily.
Have felt a sense of balance at the core, deeper clarity, also been looking at secret issues which I had covered up within.
There has been a feeling of wanting to completely get rid of unwanted things and situations in life.
The sessions have definitely helped to center myself within me. Also been thinking I can go deeper and deeper within.

Sparkle you become
When you conquer anxiety
It's the sparkle you become
When you conquer anxiety

Thank you first for your sincerity and concern. Yes, I have felt the changes within me in a span of 20 days. It is gradual change in the state of mind. I am feeling more positive and happy. There is a kind of clarity in mind which helps me deal with situations around. Not to be biased, so I asked my family - do they feel any change in me over last few weeks? They say I am waking up pretty early these days and got regular with my exercise too!!. This though sounds very basic, is very important for my well being. I wish you all the very best for your further sessions and may you bring happiness to many more people.

- Architect

** After the 3rd session, she mentioned that she opened up to a business partner regarding an issue that had been bothering her for a while. Was able to take the discussion on a fruitful path, instead of the old pattern of blame game and stone walls.

These sessions have helped a lot. I feel more calm and at peace with myself than I used to before. My ability to focus has also improved. The unwanted stress and tension is also released. I can sleep well now. I can handle situations and can control my temper more easily and peacefully.I feel more positive and at peace with myself. THANK YOU!!!

- College Student, Grade 12

**After the 2nd session, she mentioned that this was the first time she slept this peacefully in two years!

What is happening here?

My Opinion

These are experiences of some people who have done the Deep Relaxation Sessions with me. Everyday I continue to be amazed by what each Deep Relaxation Session brings forth. These sessions are completely different from any kind of psychotherapy sessions. There is no talking, no analyzing or explaining - simply lying down and letting the crystals and Reiki work their way around your Energy Body. There are no mystical experiences, no miracles or any esoteric rituals - there is simply a sensation of energy, a feeling of relaxation and the gentle activation of the inner wisdom.

I recommend the Deep Relaxation Sessions especially for those who are going through stressful/ confusing or monotonous phases in their lives. In such situations, deep down the individual already knows what needs to be change or what is bothering them. The stress/ confusion/ boredom stems from being in conflict with that inner wisdom. This conflict occurs due to various reasons - humans are prone to taking the easy way out, change is hard and scary, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and assert yourself, we are masters of self-doubt and self-blame and do not know how to forgive ourselves and move forward with renewed faith in our abilities.

While these sessions began as a novel idea to simply provide "mental relaxation" for harried, busy folks; along the way I have discovered that the crystals have an agenda of their own. They rid your mental field of all "unnatural" anxieties (that we acquire as we step into the materialistic world of competition) and balance your Chakras and take you into a Higher Vibration. In such a setting, you have the mind space and time to pay attention to your inner voice and it becomes clearer and more audible. As you cultivate this state more and more, the resistance to the inner voice automatically drops away, you experience a shift in your state of being and you become free.

All Deep Relaxation experiences have a single thread connecting them - that the client has felt free, light and more in tune with themselves. Here I have pasted some of their experiences in their own words and I have added as brief footnotes (**), the parts that have simply amazed me. These are small, subtle changes, some of them coming with just two or three sessions and zero internal anguish that is typically associated with this kind of soul searching .

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