Crystal healing therapy is taught as a separate course. This course consists of 2 levels – basic and advanced. In these courses you learn how to work with crystals. The crystal master also performs a special attunement whereby your energy body becomes more receptive to the energy of the crystals.

Crystal Basic

    One day course (6 hours)

  • How to use crystals for healing
  • Dowsing for healing
  • Chakra balancing with crystals
  • Tuning of your energy body with the crystal kingdom
  • Crystals for personal healing
  • Crystal pendulum for dowsing
  • Manual
  • Certificate

Crystal Advanced

    One day course (6 hours)

  • Scanning your aura with crystals
  • Attunement
  • Crystals for Chakras
  • Crystal grids
  • Meditation with crystals and chakras
  • Information about various crystals
  • Crystals for personal healing
  • Manual
  • Certificate

Benefits of Crystal Healing

  • Crystal healing blends nicely with your Reiki practice, making the practice more powerful
  • Releases tension, anxiety
  • Eases pain
  • Refreshes the energy body and physical body
  • Mental strength to face and overcome any situation
  • Easy, convenient to practice

Crystal Therapy For Pain

Crystal Therapy For Relaxation

Using Crystal Pendulum

Using Crystals For Meditation

Using Pendulum To Balance Chakras

Healing Pair Pendulum


The purpose of this studio is to provide a peaceful sanctuary in the midst of a crowded city for the busy and stressed urban individual.

Today's life is such that, in our quest to achieve more and more, we end up creating jam packed lives for ourselves. All of our attention and energy is always directed towards doing something in the external world; for our jobs, families, hobbies or social activities.

In this setting it is easy to practice the art of being; to shut out everything and connect deeply with yourself and remain in that still, deep place for an extended period.

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Near Medipoint Hospital and DAV School ,
B-1204, Aloma County,
Aundh, Pune 411007

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