Chakras and thoughts are intimately linked to each other. Either, we can use our thoughts to influence the functioning of the Chakra or use Chakras to alter our thinking patterns. When our Chakras are balanced and healthy, our thought patterns are focused and centered and we are operating from a 'Higher Vibration'. The reverse happens when the Chakras are out of balance.

Higher Vibration

While words such as "Higher Vibration" may sound very abstract to a lay person, a simple example can illustrate this.

When you wake up from a good nights sleep, it is much easier to deal patiently with a difficult situation rather than in the evening time after you have put in a hard day's work.

Sound sleep is the time in which the physical body as well as the Energy Body rejuvenates itself, emerging fresh and balanced (Higher Vibration). The hectic pace of our day, unhealthy habits of excessive worrying, excessive thinking, aggression and boredom tend to get the chakras out of balance and we become irritable, angry and tired (Lower Vibration).

Concepts such as Energy Body and Chakras sound vague and of the other world, however when you consider them with an open mind, you will find that they can help answer many unanswered questions and also give you a deeper insight into yourself and others around you.

The more one views the experiences of life through the lens of Energy Body and Chakras, the more one finds them to be natural and to be the very basis of the physical world.

The goal of Deep Relaxation is to get lots and lots of people to experience this feeling of being in and operating from a "Higher Vibration".on a regular basis.



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