The locations of the Chakras have been mentioned in our ancient texts. From a medical perspective, we can see that the location of each Chakra coincides with the location of a major nerve plexus and an endocrine gland in the body.

Nerves carry sensations and messages, from the body to the brain and the spinal cord and back. A nerve plexus is a network of intersecting nerves. E.g. we have a dense network of nerves in our palms and can feel sensations much better with our palms than with the back of our hands.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones that regulate the activities of various organs. Essential functions such as digestion, growth, body temperature, libido and sleep depend on regular generation of hormones. A regular hormonal cycle is very important for good health.

A healthy Chakra, capable of taking in and giving out energy in a balanced way will result in an efficient nerve plexus underneath, balanced hormones and healthy organs.

Yogic Concept of Disease

Yoga philosophy believes that most diseases and especially stress born diseases originate first in the Energy Body.Inauthentic attitudes such as constant worry or constant aggression or over indulging in food, drink, exercise, sleep or being overly sentimental etc. result in causing strain to the related Chakra. Over the long term, this overloads the nerve plexus, disrupts the hormonal cycle and affects the organ situated underneath. This results in disease.


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