Chakras are nothing but centers of very fine, subtle, dynamic energy. The energy at each Chakra vibrates at a particular frequency.

The process of balancing a Chakra means getting a Chakra back to the original frequency it had, before an imbalance arose. As Chakras are energy centres, they can be influenced by other forms of energy such as light and sound.

Balanced Chakras produce feelings of freshness, vitality, contentment and peace - what we call being in Higher Vibration.

Chakra Imbalance

the five elements that the body is made up of. For example, the first Chakra is associated with the Earth element and it relates to the health of your muscles, bones, your physical balance and also to the stability of your mind. When the Earth element is in excess or deficit, you may experience stiffness in the body or weak bones, muscle aches, sensations of fear in the body/mind or narrow mindedness or instability in your thoughts. Since the body is not utilizing the Earth element appropriately (can be due to improper nutrition, unhealthy habits, excess greed/fear, etc.) it results in imbalance in the 1st Chakra.

Almost all of mental and physical imbalances can be correlated to functioning of the Chakras and vice versa.


While frequencies of Chakras of individuals do vary, the frequencies of the higher Chakras correspond to higher frequency colours of the VIBGYOR and the lower Chakras correspond to colours with lower frequencies. Similarly, the chanting of the sounds of the "Beej Mantras" (mentioned in our ancient books) is said to have a resonant effect on each Chakra.

Imagining a particular colour at the Chakra location or chanting the Beej Mantra helps to balance a Chakra!

Crystals are a more powerful and natural way of achieving the same type of resonance.

Beej Mantras


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