Similarity between Reiki and Meditation

I am the owner and founder of the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Pune, Baner. At my center I offer various courses in meditation and Reiki healing. In this blog I describe the similarity between Reiki and meditation.

Meditation can be termed as the activity that takes you to a quieter state of mind, that reduces the number of thoughts in your mind and that neutralizes the state of anxiety and stabilizes the mind. Techniques of meditation are designed such that they increase the absorption of utilization of the life force energy that is surrounding the Universe, what is known as ‘Prana’ in yoga and ‘Chi’ in martial arts. When prana is flowing in abundance, one goes to their natural state of existence which is joyfulness and peace. Today, because of the way we go about our lives in this jungle of concrete, we are unable to absorb and utilize the energy of prana in the best possible way and this results in dissatisfaction, frustration, boredom, anxiety and stress. Hence meditation helps to take you to a quieter, more peaceful state of mind by increasing your absorption and utilization of the life force.

Reiki is also described as channelling of the life force; giving a direction to the life force. The practice of Reiki brings about a state of peace, satisfaction, acceptance and joy in every situation. In my experience, at my meditation center in Pune, Baner, Reiki brings about faster results than meditation. For a modern person with a hectic life, with no exposure to meditation; it is extremely difficult to sit in one place and simply focus on the breath for even ten minutes. Today we are so conditioned to instant results that most beginners give up on meditation even before giving it a real chance. Even when beginners practice meditation, it takes them a really long time to get the mind to be still and focus on the practice.

I have seen that Reiki helps to calm the mind very effectively. One is able to reach a quite, calm, meditative state with 18 minutes of Reiki. Reiki when practiced over a longer duration not only helps to eliminate daily stresses, it even starts deep cleaning within. It increases your self awareness. You start becoming aware of your bind spots, you start seeing your own limitations and the ways in which you deceive yourself to protect your ego, you start accepting other people with their limitations, you stop finding faults with others and most importantly your complaints in life start reducing.

In short, Reiki can be termed as an advanced meditation that achieves faster results. At my meditation center in Baner ,Pune I offer many courses that combine the practice of pranayama, meditation and Reiki. The combination is very powerful in getting the mind to relax and go into a deeper meditative state. Once the mind is relaxed, all the other aspects such as clarity of thought, confidence in the self and enthusiasm for life happen automatically.

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