Easy Breathing Technique for Beginners to Meditation

I am the owner and founder of the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Pune and today I am going to describe a simple breathing technique that is very useful for beginners to meditation. Beginners find it almost impossible to focus on their breath during meditation. And in the beginning meditating for an hour or two per week is not enough for one to get the art of meditation. Hence I highly recommend this pranayama technique called as Ujjayi pranayama to beginners. Ujjayi pranayama can be performed at any time, before food, after food, before sleep, after sleep, before and after exercise, when driving, when walking, when sitting; at any time.
Beginners to meditation should try to do ujjayi breathing whenever they can. For e.g. when they are in a meeting or working at their desk or attending a work call, just switch to Ujjayi when you remember. Ujjayi pranayama consists of a deep inhale and a slow exhale. When exhaling make a low, hissing sound from your throat and focus on the sound coming from your throat. Ujjayi pranayama is also called as the Oceanic Breath because of the low, hissing sound that comes from your throat when you exhale. If you are confused about how make the hissing sound, imagine that you are blowing clouds of vapour from your mouth on a cold day. Observe the sound coming from your throat. Try to make the same sound when exhaling from your nose with your mouth closed. If it’s difficult, initially, practice making the sound with your mouth open and once you get used to it you may practice the pranayama with your mouth closed.
Another option is to imagine that there is a hole in your throat and you are breathing from that hole. You will be breathing normally through your nose itself however when you imagine breathing through the hole in the throat, it helps to contract your epiglottis and make the hissing sound. Initially practice ujjayi breathing only during the exhalations. Once you are comfortable you may breathe ujjayi during your inhalations as well.
Many beginners to meditation, in their enthusiasm for meditation make the mistake of overdoing the practices. Please remember not to overdo the practice. A typical tendency is to prolong the exhalation beyond one’s capacity. If you are ending up feeling breathless after a few rounds of ujjayi, remember that you are overdoing the exhalations. Reduce the length of your exhalations so that that you are breathing comfortably throughout the practice and also after the practice.
Ujjayi breathing has many benefits. It helps the throat region, strengthening your voice box, reducing throat infections, improving voice, improving thyroid, reducing stress, improving sleep and calming you down. Try to make the ujjayi pranayama your second nature. Initially, you may have to make some effort to remember and consciously breathe in ujjayi but slowly after a few days you will notice that the switch happens automatically. After a few days of Ujjayi practice, you start seeing the fruits of it; your thoughts slow down, you actually see the gaps between your thoughts and you feel more peaceful, relaxed and happy.

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