Meditation for beginners: Misconceptions

At our Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Aundh, Pune, we see a lot of enthusiasm among beginners for meditation. From my experience of coaching beginners into meditation, I can say that people have a lot of misconceptions regarding what meditation can do for them. When you begin any activity with unrealistic expectations, especially an activity such as meditation that requires dedicated time and attention, you are setting definitely yourself up for failure. Continue reading

Four Ways to deal with stress

The word stress returns about 5 billion results on google search. Almost everyone is talking about stress, how stressed they are, what stress does to them, how stress affects their health, what are some quick stress management techniques and so on. The other day I met a little girl all of 10 years who said to me “I am doing football, school work, homework and karate and all of this is stressing me out!” It brought a smile to my face. Grass is always greener on the other side. Most adults would say “how relaxing to be able to do football and karate along with a little bit of school and homework”. Continue reading

How to Reduce Stress: 4 Relaxation Techniques that can be done in 2 mins

Here are some stress management techniques based on meditation and paranayama. These techniques can help you reduce anxiety before an important meeting, calm you down when stuck in traffic, help you keep cool when faced with irritating people or situations and reduce fear and phobias when stuck in elevators or a dentist’s chair. You can try these stress management techniques at any time. Continue reading