Easy Breathing Technique for Beginners to Meditation

I am the owner and founder of the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Pune and today I am going to describe a simple breathing technique that is very useful for beginners to meditation. Beginners find it almost impossible to focus on their breath during meditation. And in the beginning meditating for an hour or two per week is not enough for one to get the art of meditation. Hence I highly recommend this pranayama technique called as Ujjayi pranayama to beginners. Ujjayi pranayama can be performed at any time, before food, after food, before sleep, after sleep, before and after exercise, when driving, when walking, when sitting; at any time. Continue reading

Meditation increases creativity

This article presents some very important details that beginners to meditation need to be aware of. It will help them to understand their meditation practice and be motivated to stick to it. The human brain is divided into two halves – the left brain and the right brain. The left brain controls the right side of our body and the right brain controls the left. So when we blink our left eye or raise our left hand, it is actually the right brain at work and vice versa.

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