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How does Chakra Healing Therapy help to reduce anxiety and depression?

Root cause of Anxiety and Depression

The root of conditions such as anxiety and depression lies in the fact that there is a major imbalance in the Energy Body which gives rise to disturbing thoughts and emotions. It is a vicious cycle; imbalance in energy creates negative thoughts and feelings and fearful responses to these negative thoughts create more imbalances in the energy body which creates more negativity in the mind and results in a downward cycle. Most of us are unaware of this cycle and we keep on feeding it by giving in to the negative thoughtsand imagining all kinds of negative scenarios till the point that it becomes compulsive and we have no control. When this cycle goes on for a long time, stubborn blocks of low vibration energy (like clots)form in the energy body and thisobstructs the absorption and flow of cosmic energy from the environment. The energy body does not get enough energy and the person feels tired, stressed, irritated, lonely, sad and/ or sleepless. When energy is low, the person does not have enough strength or maturity to counter the negative thoughts and it becomes compulsive.

Over thinking results in anxiety. The overactive mind keeps imagining one negative scenario after another and is unable to distinguish between real vs imaginary.

Sometimes a personals energy gets so sapped that they feel hopeless; they are unable to do anything. They cannot muster energy to do something or to talk or interact with anyone. This is depression when your energy feels very heavy and it seems as if all the lightness of being has gone out from our mind and body.

Both of these are diseases of the energy body and the best way to heal them is by working on the energy body. On the logical level, an anxious or depressed person understands that they simply need to ignore what their mind is saying and go about their day but they are unable to procure the energy needed to do that. Thus it needs to be healed on the level of the energy body. Medicines help to reduce the number of thoughts but they do not address the root cause which the accumulation of blockages in the energy body.

Based on our experience we can say that anxiety is primarily a disturbance in the root chakra and there can be other chakra disturbances associated with it based on the kinds of thoughts that trouble the client. Depression is mainly an issue of the heart chakra. It needs to be dealt with very carefully as there may be some amount of fear associated with the condition. This fear/ anxiety/ overthinking needs to be released before one can start addressing the hopelessness contained in the heart chakra.

How does Chakra Healing help?

In Chakra Healing Therapy we scan the client's energy body for blockages and channel cosmic energy to those blocks. Cosmic energy is the backbone of the intelligence contained in nature and the human body. It automatically dissolves the energy blocks and energy starts flowing smoothly through the client's body. Using our techniques, we set right the functioning of the chakras and the person is able to absorb enough energy. When the energy body is functioning well, the person is able to ignore negative thoughts very easily. Soon they come back to feeling like their old self.

Chakra Healing Therapy has shown very good results for healing anxiety. It has shown results in cases of depression as well but sometimes healing from depression can take longer depending on the severity of the depression.

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