The real benefit of meditation

I am the owner and founder of the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Baner, Pune and I conduct meditation and deep relaxation courses. At the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Baner, Pune many times people ask me about the benefits of meditation and I give them standard answers such as it improves sleep, it reduces anxiety, reduces stress etc. If you google the benefits of meditation you will get similar results. But today I want talk about what I think is the biggest and the most important benefit of meditation.

Meditation clears the energy body. What is the energy body? Energy body is also called as the aura, the subtle body, the Human Energy Field and by many other names. In the simplest of explanations – surrounding every physical body, there is an energy body which is not visible to the naked eye. This energy body plays a very important role in how your life shapes up. The energy body is a storehouse of all your past experiences, feelings, emotions, instincts and memories. One can equate the energy body to the subconscious mind. All of our mental blocks, all the negative experiences and all the painful meanings that we have drawn from those experiences are all stored in the energy body. The way we experience life is completely determined by the health of your energy body.

When we are born, our energy body is pure, clear and transparent. It is completely open to receiving all the light and beautiful life force energy (what we call prana in the Indian culture or chi in the Chinese culture) that surrounds all of us. When the energy body is in a pure and clear state, prana flows abundantly in that being and hence children seem pure, divine and innocent to us. As we grow our energy body gets clouded with our thoughts, identities, experiences and we start experiencing mental blocks. These mental blocks literally block the light coming into the energy body and it hampers our perception of things. We live within our delusions and are unable to see things clearly. As we age, our energy bodies get more and more clouded, blocking more and more light from coming in and our experience of life becomes negative, bogged down and hopeless. Unless we clear the energy body of these blocks, our experience of life cannot improve no matter what we do.

At the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Baner, Pune, we put a lot of emphasis on clearing the energy body. At our Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Baner, Pune we have created an energy body and chakra theme so that members work on the energy body consciously. Meditation is the most effective tool to clear the energy body. When you meditate, the energy body gets rest from the constant swirling cycle of thoughts, desires and emotions. When the energy body rests, it is able to pay attention to the blocks and heal them. Meditation provides this opportunity to the energy body to rest and pay attention to itself.

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