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This is a four week course in meditation for beginners. This course is offered completely online, via guided video and audio so that you can take it from the convenience of your home. In the videos, I teach some Pranayama and Chanting techniques that help one to get into a meditative state faster. We begin with 10 min sessions in Week 1 going up to 26 min sessions in Week 4. I also conduct weekly skype sessions where participants can log on to ask questions or share their experiences.

Before you begin the course, I would like to tell you a little story. One day, a fool went around the whole village, banging on a dhol and screaming about how clever he was and how he had tricked The Railway Company. When asked how he did it, he said, "I bought a ticket to travel from Delhi to Trivandrum and did not show up on the platform to board the train!!"

We have a tendency to take simple things for granted. When we take things for granted and do not give our 100%, we are being the village fool, we do not realize that the only person we are cheating by doing this is our own selves. Even if this is an unsupervised, simple, short and free course; do NOT take it casually. Do the practices regularly and sincerely and you will see results within a month's time.

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