Most Important Result of Meditation

When anyone asks me about what are the effects of meditation, I always give them standard answers such as improves sleep, reduces anxiety, introduces peace and calm, one feels fresh and relaxed, reduces blood pressure, etc. While each of these effects is real and important, today I want to talk about what in my opinion is THE most important benefit of meditation. Meditation cleanses the energy body. In fact, this is the purpose of meditation – to clear the energy body; all the other things mentioned above happen as a result of that.

Energy body is loosely referred to by various names – aura, subtle body, HEF (Human Energy Body), etc. Today, we have instruments that are precise enough to measure the strength of the electromagnetic field that pulsates around the human body. This invisible field plays a vital role in the life experience of any living being – in fact this field is what makes us feel alive and responsive to the environment around us. All of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, interactions and activity (conscious AND subconscious) is regulated by this field. Most of the interaction that takes place between people is the interaction between their energy fields, very little of the experience is really based on the words that are being said to each other.

What does meditation have to do with this energy field? All our experiences, beliefs, mental blocks, emotions etc are stored in the energy field in some way. It is the absence or presence of these mental blocks that makes us form a particular opinion about an event or a person. This explains why two people don’t see the same situation from the same perspective – their blocks come in the way; like if you are wearing yellow coloured glasses, you will never be able to see understand why a white board is called a white board.

Meditation helps to clear or lighten these blocks, it helps to take the yellow glasses off or at least reduce the intensity of the yellow colour.

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