Meditation increases creativity

This article presents some very important details that beginners to meditation need to be aware of. It will help them to understand their meditation practice and be motivated to stick to it. The human brain is divided into two halves – the left brain and the right brain. The left brain controls the right side of our body and the right brain controls the left. So when we blink our left eye or raise our left hand, it is actually the right brain at work and vice versa. The left brain is responsible for logical thinking, language and math where as the right brain is responsible for spatial abilities, visual imagery and music. When you remember something from the past, it is actually your left brain that is pulling out that information from memory whereas when you are trying to make sense of a situation or set a context for what is happening around you or what was said to you, it is your right brain functioning. We need both sides of the brain to function properly for us to achieve anything.

The above explanation was from a physiological perspective. Now I will present this from an energy perspective. Meditation is really energy work. Beginners to meditation are quick to dismiss any suggestions that lean towards explaining events, people, situations and life from a holistic energy perspective. But if you wish to cultivate a successful meditation practice it is important to develop a perspective that considers energy dynamics. In yogic terms, in terms of energy rather than physiology, yogic science has identified three most important channels of energy in our energy body – the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. As much as we can draw parallels between the energy body and the physical body, the functioning of these channels can be likened to the functioning of the left and right brain. The Pingala channel, which is called the left channel is the energising channel; it is associated with the right nostril and the left brain. This channel galvanizes us for action, to create something, or to take some action. The channel is the channel of doing – thinking, planning, analysing, calculating and reasoning. The energies of the Pingala are likened to the energies coming from the Sun; heat, day time, time to step out into the outside world. The Ida channel is the perfect complement to the Pingala. It is called the right channel, associated with the left nostril and right brain. It is the calming channel. The energies flowing through this channel are responsible for calmness, relaxation and understanding. The channel is the channel of being or flowing – having an overall view without drowning in details, just being in the flow as opposed to actively plotting a course of action or the future. The energies of the Ida are likened to the energies coming from the Moon; coolness, night time, time to retire into the inside world. A harmonious life results when both channel are well balanced and no channel is overly dominating.

Nature has designed us in such a way that the Ida and Pingala take turns in dominating our energies. If you check, at any point in time, your breath is flowing more smoothly through one nostril as compared to the other. In a healthy person, this changes every 1.5 hours and thus the other nostril dominates your breath and energies. This way, both the heating and cooling channels of energy in your body are activated alternately.

However, in the way that the world operates today, the heating channel, the Pingala channel dominates almost all the time. Beginners to meditation who find these claims hard to believe can try to tally this with their own experience. At any point in time, close one nostril and breathe through the other and vice versa and see which one is smoother. Most of the times the right one, the heating channel dominates with very little chance given to the left one. This results in imbalance, a feeling of restlessness in the energy body and creates disease in the physical body.

Meditation helps to restore this balance. We will find how in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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