Meditation for beginners: Misconceptions

At our Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Aundh, Pune, we see a lot of enthusiasm among beginners for meditation. From my experience of coaching beginners into meditation, I can say that people have a lot of misconceptions regarding what meditation can do for them. When you begin any activity with unrealistic expectations, especially an activity such as meditation that requires dedicated time and attention, you are setting definitely yourself up for failure.

In this article I wish to guide such beginners to meditation to examine if they have any misconceptions regarding meditation first. Once you become aware that you have been carrying certain misconceptions, it becomes easy to let go of them and one can take up meditation with a fresh and clearer mind. This makes it easier to succeed at meditation.

Misconception 1: Meditation will solve all my problems

This is the biggest and the most common misconception among people who are beginners to meditation that meditation is the solution to all my troubles. Sometimes people have unhealthy life styles, negative attitudes, lack of clarity and they get into trouble with their health, their relationships, and their career paths because of that. They experience lots of stress and tension and they come across this idea of meditation and they think that they have found the answer to all their problems.

Yes, meditation, if practised sincerely and regularly can help you find the answers to your problems but meditation by itself will not solve anything. If at all, it will make you aware of even deeper issues that are the root cause of this problem.

So, be prepared. If you wish to take up meditation as a cure to your problems, you will have to the work that comes along with it. A few sessions of sincere meditation will definitely clear your mind so that you can see what the real issues are. After that, it is up to you to choose to consciously work on those aspects of yourself or your relationship or career.

Misconception 2: Unrealistic resolutions

Here is another example of the overexcitement of beginners to meditation. In their new found enthusiasm, they make unrealistic resolutions such as deciding to meditate for an extended period of time every day. In today’s world, it is almost impossible for almost anyone to find an extended time period each day to try out a new activity. Set realistic targets. In my experience, most beginners to meditation cannot even sit for 10 minutes to start with. Help yourself. Come up with a schedule – 5 minutes of breath work, followed by 2 minutes of silence or listening to music. This way you make your target much more achievable.

At our Yes 2 Life! Meditation Center in Aundh, Pune we help you sort out these misconceptions and give you tips and techniques that you can follow to set up a meditation practice at home. We also conduct twice a week guided meditation sessions for people living close to Aundh and Baner in Pune.

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